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Marion Hoffman joins the group   

1 March 17. The group welcomes Marion Hoffman as a new PhD student. 

Kieran Mepham joins the group   

15 Feb 17. The group welcomes Kieran Mepham as a new PhD student. 

Teaching at the Advanced Siena Users' Meeting   

9-10 Feb 17. Per Block teaches at the AdSUM-2017 Advanced Siena Users’ meeting at Linköping University (Sweden). 

New Publication in Social Networks          

25 Jan 17. The article Cluster analysis of multiplex networks: Defining composite network measures by András Vörös and Tom Snijders was published today in Social Networks.           

Group members present at the NetSciX conference

15-18 Jan 17. András Vörös, Christoph Stadtfeld and Zsófia Boda visit the NetSciX 2017 network science conference in Tel Aviv.

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We are looking for student assistants

We are looking for student assistants in various projects

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Social networks course

Introduction to Social Networks: Theory, Methods and Applications (Spring 2017)

Humans are interconnected through various social relations. When aggregated, we speak of social networks. This course discusses how social networks are structured, how they change over time and how they affect the individuals that they connect. It integrates social theory with practical knowledge of cutting-edge statistical methods and applications from a number of scientific disciplines.

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